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Air Purifiers for Hayfever

Hayfever is the more commonly understood term to describe rhinitis that is triggered by exposure to pollen. It is the pollen from trees, grasses and weeds that causes hayfever as this is transported by the wind.

Rhinitis affects an estimated 30% of the Irish population. There is also a significant link between asthma and rhinitis with an estimated 60% of asthmatics having the condition. An air purifier for hayfever is essential to rid the area of pollen and spores that a hayfever sufferer is allergic to. Many people also suffer from hayfever like symptoms all year round ( Perennial Rhinitis) and this is normally triggered by allergens present in everyday life such as animal dander, dust mites and even some chemicals.

AirPurifiers.ie  range of air purifiers for hayfever can all filter out the allergens listed above and provide comfortable air quality year round.

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