Airfree P60 Air Purifier & Steriliser in White

Airfree P60 Air Purifier & Steriliser in White

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Product description

The Airfree P60 is a stylish and efficient steriliser suitable for rooms up to 24m2. Its modern aesthetic, silent operation and TSS technology make this a great choice for small and medium-sized rooms such as bedrooms and offices.

Key Features

  • For rooms up to 24m2
  • 360° air intake
  • Completely silent
  • Patented TSS Technology
  • Ceramic Core
  • Maintenance-free
  • Low energy consumption
  • Modern, stylish design
  • Adjustable blue night light

Compact and Efficient

The P60 features Airfree’s patented Thermodynamic Sterilising System (TSS) technology, using a heated ceramic core to destroy up to 99.99% of all unwanted microorganisms such as allergens, viruses, mould and bacteria without releasing any ozone or ions.

Airfree purifiers are designed to be unobtrusive, with an award-winning, compact design and 360° air intake ensuring they can be placed anywhere in the room.

Silent Purification

One of the key advantages of Airfree products, when compared against other air purifier brands, is that they are completely silent in their operation.

Without as much as a noticeable hum, Airfree sterilisers are virtually inaudible and can be left on overnight, even in the bedroom, without disturbing.


Unlike traditional HEPA-based purifiers, Airfree purifiers are completely maintenance-free. This is because there is no filter that needs to be replaced, as Airfree units completely destroy rather than filter out unwanted microorganisms.

Combined with the low energy consumption of 41-51W, this makes the P60 cheaper to run compared to traditional purifiers in the long term.


By eliminating bacteria, pet dander, dust mites and other organic pollutants, Airfree sterilisers are particularly helpful for anyone suffering from allergens or respiratory issues.

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