Blueair Cabin Air P2i Air Purifier in Grey

Blueair Cabin Air P2i Air Purifier in Grey

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Product description

Air pollution whilst travelling is an ever-increasing issue, as the amount of vehicles on the roads continues to increase globally year on year with no signs of stopping. Blueair has recognised this and develop the compact, silent and powerful Cabin P2i. The latest in personal air purification for your vehicle cabin environment, the Cabin P2i is capable of filtering most small to medium size cars, with an approximate cabin space of 3 - 4 m². It also has a high CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) despite its size and power consumption.

Key Features

  • Perfect for small to medium size cars with a 3 - 4 m² cabin size
  • Completes a full cabin purification cycle in 6 minutes
  • Inbuilt air quality sensors
  • Highly energy efficient 2.2 to 7 Watt consumption rate
  • Blueair Friend App compatible
  • Filter life indicator
  • 2 USB charging ports
  • Automated functioning

Optimised Filters

Since it is required to filter air that contains increased amounts of VOC’s, vehicle emissions and chemical emissions, the Cabin P2i features Blueair’s HEPA and activated carbon hybrid filters. These filters are ideal as the activated carbon specialises in absorbing, holding onto and then trapping the previously mentioned particles, rather than relying solely on fine micron filtration.

Efficient Purification

The Blueair Cabin P2i takes the 360° intake technology from the Pure range and adapts it to make the Cabin P2i as efficient as can be in any vehicle with the rated cabin space. The air in the cabin is drawn through Blueair’s more compact yet still as efficient, HEPA silent and Activated Carbon filters that also feature in the Pure range. Additionally, while it filters through a conventional filter, the Cabin P2i uses an added electrostatic element inside that helps to kill and eradicate airborne viruses and bacteria’s more effectively.

It is powered by a low consumption USB input that runs between 2 to 7 Watts depending on the fan speed setting. Since the Cabin P2i potentially uses up your existing USB port, the unit itself also has a port so you don’t lose the option to charge your phone or sat nav device at the same time.

You’re In Control

Once set up and connected, the Cabin P2i can easily be operated from the intuitive Control knob, or you can use the Blueair Friend app. The Blueair Friend app includes numerous functions like setting the fan speed and being able to monitor the current air quality both in the cabin as well as outside of it. This is thanks to its advanced inbuilt air quality sensors, which have been adapted from the Classic range due to their success. Through the app, you can also receive information on pollen levels and other local air quality statistics which can be reflected in your unit with automatic operation set to activate when the quality of air in the cabin drops below a pre-selected level.

Added Safety

The Cabin P2i has also been designed with the safety of the driver and the passengers in mind aside from air purification. There is a minimal interface design on the unit so that it is not distracting to other drivers during operation or in standby. It is securely fastened to the seat and headrest, which also means that it is usually positioned centrally within the cabin, the best and most effective position for total purification of the cabin. There is also a handy filter life indicator situated on the unit and an alert through the Blueair Friend App so that there is never any risk of overusing a filter and receiving in-efficient air purification.

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