Blueair Classic 405 Air Purifier in White

€545.00 €545.00

The Blueair Classic 405 takes everything that people loved about Blueair’s older model, the 403, and further refines them while adding handy features such as Wi-Fi integration and extra power. As a result, it was able to win the Which 2018 Best Buy of the Year in the air purifiers category. If you’re looking for a solution that can easily clean and purify the air in a larger sized room up to 40 m², then the Blueair 405 could be a perfect choice.

Key Features

  • Maximum performance design
  • Home Wi-Fi network integration
  • 5 complete air changes per hour within compatible room sizes
  • Filter Change Indicator
  • 3 Fan speeds
  • Whisper quiet 32 to 52 dB operation
  • Low energy 15 to 90 Watt consumption
  • Filtering down to 0.1 Micron in particle size

Strong and Powerful

Being structurally composed of galvanized steel, the Blueair 405 is built well enough to last through its 5-year warranty and beyond. The powerful yet efficient 405 draws through and cleans all the air in a room 5 times an hour, which when coupled with its HEPASilent filters will provide you with 99.97% filtration efficiency against all allergens, pollen, dust, smoke, traffic pollution, pet odours and airborne mould spores.

Smart Integration

The Blueair 405 now features Wi-Fi integration allowing you to set and adjust the operating speed and check the status/health of your filter when you are not at home. However, should you not wish to integrate the Blueair 405 into your home Wi-Fi network then you can still use the digital touch controls on the front of the device in the traditional way or through Bluetooth connection with a compatible smart device.

Efficient Filtering

The HEPASilent filters typically last for 6 months, although this can vary depending on the quality of the air that is being filtered. If you live in an area where there are particularly high pollution levels then filters may need replacing more regularly. However, the Blueair 405 comes with a handy indicator to tell you exactly when the filter needs changing, which will also help you gauge how long a filter cycle will last in your setting. With its larger size, the 405 is designed for maximum performance whilst maintaining a high level of energy and filtering efficiency, with the unit only consuming 15 to 90 watts of power during use.

Whisper Quiet Operation

The Classic 405 has also been awarded the ‘Quiet Mark’ for electrical domestic products in the UK. It is impressively quiet in operation when at its lowest setting with an output level of 32 dB. However, even on the highest setting, the noise level is only 52 dB, which is comparable to light rainfall on a window. This means that the Blueair 405 can be left to operate through the night without disturbing you as you sleep.  


Model 405
Colour White
Dimensions 59.0 cm (H) x 50.0 cm (W) x 27.5 cm (D)
Filter Life 6 Months
Brand Blueair
Noise Level 32 - 52 dB
Room Size Up to 40 m²
Wattage 15 - 90 W
Weight 15 kg