Blueair Pro XL Air Purifier in White

Blueair Pro XL Air Purifier in White


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Product description

The Blueair Pro XL is not only the most powerful air purifier Blueair make, but it also officially holds the title for the highest clean air delivery rate (CADR) for a unit of its size in the world. Capable of purifying the air in a space up to 110 m², it is perfect for large open plan offices, lobbies and reception areas, as well as other open living spaces and work environments. It continues to use all the key design features that have made the Pro series so successful with some additional improvements thrown into the mix.

Key Features

  • World’s highest Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)
  • Professional-grade air purification for rooms up to 110 m²
  • Wall mountable for discretion
  • Triple HEPASilent filter array
  • Powder coating finish for easy care
  • Filtering of particles down to 0.1 Micron
  • Filter life indicator
  • Ozone free operation
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Optional automatic operation module available

Designed to Fit

The Pro series by Blueair has been designed and engineered with very stringent quality and durability targets in place. The internal and external body are all constructed out of galvanized steel which is both lightweight and strong. The exterior or body panels are also made of galvanized steel but have been powder coated in white to leave a sleek and neutral finish so that the Pro XL can fit into many professional environments without making itself particularly noticeable. This finish also has a perk of being low maintenance and easy to clean.

Moving up from even the Pro L, the Pro XL stands tall, but is still only just over a meter in height, which is thoroughly impressive considering its ability to cover areas as large as 110 m². Additionally, it can remove 99.97% filtering efficiency against airborne bacteria, viruses, contaminants and airborne mould spores, as well as the harmful gasses that can easily infiltrate an office space that is positioned high above ground level.

Advanced Technology

With the Pro XL, you now get a triple array of HEPASilent and Activated Carbon V-shaped filters, increasing the total surface area available for the incoming air to pass through. This also has the benefit of reducing a funnel effect which would typically see large portions of air being forced through only one filter. In other brands, this might lead to contaminants slipping through the net, but Blueair’s optimised design works brilliantly to prevent this.

One more key feature to point out with the Pro XL is that due to its size and the method it uses to draw in air, it can be wall-mounted. This can be useful in situations where floor space is limited but continuous and reliable air quality is needed. When coupled with the Pro XL’s slim form, this makes for a space optimised solution that should work in the busiest of professional environments.

Quiet and Powerful

At least one model in all of Blueair’s ranges carries the accolade of the having the highest CADPR rate for its size and classification, and you will be happy to know that advantage extends to the Pro XL. As a result, it can provide a complete fresh cycle of air in the room every 12 minutes in areas up to 110 m² in size, which falls in line with recommended air quality standards. Despite having this delivery speed, the Pro XL is still very quiet in operation and on speed setting one it registers noise levels of only 32 dB which is akin to two people whispering.

On top of its top performance, the Pro XL also has low running costs and has attained an Energy Star Qualification for low power consumption. Over long periods of time, the Pro XL will only consume 33 watts of power on its lowest setting and 256 watts on the highest setting. To match its power efficiency, the Pro XL also aims to be filter efficient and typically it only needs to be changed every 6 months. Additionally, the Pro XL has a filter quality sensor that will alert you when it is time to change the filter, ensuring consistent air quality is provided. 

HEPASilent Performance Data

Intelligent Sensors

The Pro XL is also included with Blueair’s Air Intelligence Module (AIM), which can enable and manage an automated mode. This has been designed to continuously assess both the air quality coming into the room and the existing air quality. It will then select an ideal operation speed and will run until the desired level (which can be set by the user) of air quality has been attained before turning itself off.  In the long run, this ensures that energy costs do no rise unnecessarily and that the unit does not operate and cause wear on itself unnecessarily, prolonging both the life of the filters and the unit.

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