Boneco F225 Air Shower Fan in Grey

Boneco F225 Air Shower Fan in Grey


Product description

The Boneco F225 is a compact yet powerful air shower fan, suitable for use in medium-sized to large spaces such as living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and offices.

Key Features

  • 270° rotatable airflow
  • Advanced air circulation method
  • 32 fan speed settings
  • Bluetooth app connection
  • Digital LED display control dial
  • Minimal user input required
  • Quiet in operation
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Modern and space-efficient design

Optimised Airflow Circulation

The Boneco F225 provides a lot of power, and there are a total of 32 speed levels available to fine-tune it to suit individual preferences. These levels can be accessed and changed through the digital dial on the base of the unit. Levels 1 - 16 are designed for a direct flow and 17 - 32 are designed for indirect use via the air shower effect.

To ensure these various speeds can be used to their fullest, the F225’s fan head can be rotated up to 270°, allowing for easy redirection of the stream to suit different environments and scenarios.

Bluetooth App Connection

For an optimal user experience, the Boneco F225 can also be connected to a smart device through Bluetooth with the Boneco app. Once connected, the app allows for the unit to be controlled remotely while adding additional functions including a timer mode and display brightness controls.

Air Shower Effect

The high directional power of the F225 allows it to produce cool air streams that reflect off a ceiling or wall to provide an air shower feeling. As a result, it keeps an entire room’s air in motion, ensuring consistent heat levels for increased comfort.

Quiet & Efficient

Beyond being powerful, the F225 is quiet, and at its lowest speed setting, it only produces 34 dB of noise. Therefore, it’s only about as loud as a whisper or light snoring, making it suitable for nighttime use.

Matching its quiet noise levels, the F225 is also power efficient. When active, it only requires a maximum of 22 watts of power, keeping it affordable even during periods of extensive use.

Compact Modern Design

Finally, the Boneco F225 is very compact, making it easy to place in all sorts of environments. Additionally, its height can be adjusted between 45 cm and 85 cm, ensuring it can be used without limitations.

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