Airfree Elite Air Purifier in White

Airfree Elite Air Purifier in White


Product description

The Airfree Elite has been designed and made with unique TSS™ Technology which removes the need for a filter. Not only does that make this air purifier cheaper in the long run, it also makes it maintenance-free. The Airfree Elite is app-compatible, allowing you to control it to best match your environment from anywhere at any time. 


  • TSS™ Technology 
  • Completely Silent Design  
  • 70m2 Room Capacity 
  • No Maintenance Required
  • Activated Carbon and Particle Capsules 
  • Low Energy Consumption 
  • App Compatibility 

TSS™ Technology 

The Airfree Elite uses innovative TSS™ Technology which heats up polluted air to 200°C, killing bacteria and viruses. The air is then cooled and released back into the room. This is different to most air purifiers since it does not utilise a filter, meaning you never need to replace anything. Just let it run. 

App Compatibility        

The corresponding Airfree app allows you to control your Airfree Elite from anywhere, allowing you to customise your experience. 

Activated Carbon and Particle Capsules

The activated carbon and particle capsules have been designed to target specific pollutants such as cigarette smoke, unpleasant smells, or high levels of pollutants. This technology can be adjusted so it's only active when needed, making the air purifier more efficient and saving you money on energy consumption levels.

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