Blueair Blue Pure 221 Air Purifier in Blue

Blueair Blue Pure 221 Air Purifier in Blue

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Blueair Blue Pure 221 Replacement Combination Filter
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Product description

Presenting the Blueair Pure 221, the largest and most capable air purifier from Blueair’s new Pure range. With the ability to purify all the air, in any room up to 50 m² in size, 5 times in an hour, the 221 is a powerhouse purifier. It can provide great purification performance while housed in an attractive and contemporary body that is also customizable to fit your space. Coming with awards from “Good Housekeeping Magazine” and an “Energy Star” certification for efficiency, the Blueair Pure 221 takes everything you love about the smaller Blueair Pure 411 and upscales it to handle larger domestic spaces.

Key Features

  • 30 to 61 Watt operating power consumption
  • Large 360° air intake for free placement
  • Easy filter changing
  • Filter life indicator
  • Low 31 to 56 dB operating noise
  • Customizable fabric outer Pre-Filter
  • Blueair HEPA and Activated Carbon internal filter

Customizable and Well Designed

By default, the Blueair Pure 221 comes with 2 available finishes with options of Diva Blue and Dark Shadow. However, this can be altered, as the washable fabric pre-filter comes in many additional colours ensuring that there is one to match your home environment. You are also able to remove the fabric cover completely and have the Blueair show off its high-quality stainless-steel mesh if it suits your room. Aside from that, the Pure 221 is also considerably more aesthetically designed than most air purifiers on the market that tend to stick to the tried and tested rectangular shaped box design. The Pure 221’s cuboidal styling also helps it fit into more modern and style-focused living spaces where you may also have a mix of hard edges and curved lines.

Purely Capable

As previously mentioned, the Pure 221 is capable of purifying the air in a space up to 50 m² every 12 minutes and for a total of 5 times an hour. Additionally, despite not matching the cylindrical shape of the Pure 411, the Pure 221 still maintains its 360° intake function, allowing it to fit in with many spaces. As a result, it is a perfect fit for a busy home kitchen or a summer room.

With its bigger size, you will be happy to hear that the CADR (Clean Air Distribution Rate) has also increased, and does not vary per type of pollutant as with the Pure 411. Instead, the Pure 221 can handle Smoke 590m3/h, Pollen 590m3/h and Dust 590m3/h at a high rate without varying the speed settings of the unit. Even more impressively, the 99.97% filtering efficiency of particles and airborne contaminates is still achieved with ease despite this performance jump. All in all, these perks can be attributed to the HEPA and Activated Carbon hybrid filter Blueair has developed. This filter allows the Pure 221 to remove pollen, dust, pet fluff, pet odours, mould spores, allergens, airborne viruses and airborne bacteria’s all with the touch of one simple button.

Additionally, the HEPASilent technology has been independently tested at RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) to achieve the HEPA H13 filtration grade according to standard EN-1822.

HEPASilent Performance Data

Ease of Use

Through testing and development, Pure 221 has also been able to attain the whisper-quiet trait that domestic all Blueair products demonstrate. Registering only 31 dB on its lowest setting (akin to light whispering between two people) and 56 dB on its highest setting (akin to light rainfall on a windowpane). Therefore, there is no danger of the Pure 221 disturbing sleep cycles if placed in bedrooms and quiet spaces.

The buttons on the unit also dim to a very low glow when set to the lowest speed indicating the Pure 211 is in its most energy-efficient mode. The filter change has thankfully been kept to the same simple method the Pure 411 uses where you simply lift off the top half of the unit, slid out the old filter and dispose of it, before inserting your new fresh filter and starting the machine again, all of which can be done in under a minute and without tools.

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