Airfree Pro Air Purifier in Stainless Steel

Airfree Pro Air Purifier in Stainless Steel


Product description

Made from stainless steel, the Airfree Pro is an innovative air purifier that utilises TSSTM Filterless technology to sterilise air without the need to purchase replacement filters, it also offers a maintenance-free design so you can simply turn it on and leave it to run by itself. The Airfree Pro also comes with optional activated carbon and particle capsules to get rid of particles, smells, smoke and chemical pollutants only when necessary. 


  • TSSTM Filterless Technology 
  • Activated Cabon and Particle Capsules 
  • App Compatibility 
  • Fully Stainless Steel Design 
  • 120m2 Room Capacity 
  • Silent Operation 
  • No Maintenance Required   

TSSTM Filterless Technology 

The Airfree Pro sterilises the air and releases it back into the room, unlike most other air purifiers that trap pollutants inside of a filter. It does this by heating up the air to 200°C which kills bacteria, pollutants, viruses and any other particles. The sterilised air is then cooled and released back into the room. 

App Compatibility  

Through the use of the Airfree app, you can control various features like modes and timers, and also view the quality of the surrounding air. This allows you to customise your experience to best suit you, wherever you are. 

Silent Operation 

The Airfree Pro runs completely silently on its default setting, allowing you to get on with day-to-day tasks without any added noise pollution. Even with the Activated Carbon and Particle Capsules feature turned on, the noise level only reaches 28dB which is quieter than whispering. 

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