Airfree Pro Plus Air Purifier in Stainless Steel

Airfree Pro Plus Air Purifier in Stainless Steel

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Product description

The fully stainless steel Airfree Pro Plus purifies the surrounding air effortlessly through the use of its patented TSSTM Filterless Technology, and Activated Carbon and Particle Capsules. These innovative features can all be controlled through an app which not only allows you to customise your air purifying experience but also allows you to see the quality of the surrounding air.


  • Automatic Mode
  • Silent Operation 
  • TSSTM Filterless Technology 
  • Fully Stainless Steel Design 
  • No Maintenance Required 
  • Activated Carbon and Particle Capsules 
  • 140m2 Room Capacity 
  • App Compatibility 

TSSTM Filter Technology 

The patented TSSTM Filter Technology works by taking in air and heating it to 200°C which kills any harmful particles like bacteria and viruses. Once the air is sterile, it is cooled and released back into the room. This approach to air purifying means that you do not have to continuously buy filters since it does not use them, unlike most other air purifiers on the market. 

Automatic Mode

When the Pro Plus is in automatic mode, it uses pollution sensors to adjust the performance to match the level of pollution, making it easier than ever to get purified air. 

App Compatibility 

The Pro Plus can be used with the Airfree app, allowing you to control it from anywhere. The app allows you to adjust functions, set timers and also see the quality of the surrounding air. 

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